Recovery Program

Meets Every Friday Night at 7:00 PM

The Bridge to Recovery Program (B2R) is a faith-based program for those struggling with stubborn habits and addictions. Here at B2R, we use the Bible to get to the root of the issue; because our goal is not only for our participants to be clean or sober, our goal is for them to be free.

Our program is broken down into three segments:

During the first CONNECT, we connect with God through a review of our Twelve Core Truths, a time of praise and testimony, and a Bible message. The focus of this CONNECT is to equip, encourage, and challenge us in our recovery journey. 

During the second CONNECT, we connect with each other in our individual men’s and women’s groups. There we share the details of our daily lives, our successes and failures, in a safe place where we can receive biblical accountability and encouragement. 

For our third CONNECT, we connect with ourselves. This takes place throughout the week as we work through the B2R curriculum. This Bible curriculum is designed to guide us to the biblical truths that will help us find lasting freedom.

Do you need to begin your journey to recovery, or do you need help along the way? Join us every Friday night at 7:00, and let us help you here at Bridge to Recovery.

Independent Baptist Church

9255 Piscataway Rd • Clinton, MD 20735

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