Online Giving

Digital Giving Envelope

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a transaction fee for mobile/online giving? Yes. There is an industry-standard 2.9% processing fee if you use your credit or debit card and a .3% fee if you use ACH.

Can I cover the fees so the church gets my full tithe? Yes. There is an option to "Cover Fees" if you choose to select.

Is online giving really secure? Transactions are transmitted using 256 Bit TSL/SSL and card data only touches Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant systems. Card details are tokenized, stored, and encrypted on industrial-grade servers. Our security is on par with leading financial services and banking institutions.

Are there other benefits to using Anedot?

What about my year-end giving statement? You will receive your regular giving statement from the church.

Feel free to contact the church office for any other questions you may have regarding online giving.